Tuesday, November 3, 2009


so this is the most big order that i ever had, even the size were small. but the effort, walaaaaaaa.so tired making this smpai tertido2 dok menerap huruf2 tuh.haha. gile! and its also because of clashing with my class and others assignment but i manage to do it well. and i also got a good feedback from the customer. so he want 200 pieces of small cupcakes. L (50), C (50), S (50), 6 (50). LCS= legendary customer service. 6 is for the year itself.

the cupcakes itself represent the logo of the company. so at first he want me to wrote all the words but then the cupcakes is too small and at last he decided to just put a LCS 6.

the number six i do it myself coz i still do not have the cutter yet. luckily it looks like 6. ^_^

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