Monday, October 19, 2009


hello and hye.

hmm..when i saw the last date of my blog update i was like. errmmm..haha. quite buzy lately with assignments but i still got some orders to fulfill.
i consider this is as my quite latest order. haha. order from kak ummie, fren of my uncle sub. she want 50 mini cuppies with a simple decor on it. each of it must be different. when i first do it, i really ran out of idea but my mum help me a lot. uuu. thnx ibu. ok now, let the picture tell u.


ok, enough for that one. ok this pulak actually saje2 jek buat kan ntok dak2 klas. lama dh dorg dok nak nak kan. so bg jela. hehe. ntah saje terajin plak nk buat kan. but the saddest part is one of my lecturer said this to my cuppies " really can it this one? or maybe u put some poison and want all of the students and me to get sick and we don't have any class for this evening?"...
haish! sungguh terluka! takpela..jnji dorg sume suke..=)

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